FACT has a wide range of online training courses for its members to utilize and more classes will be added as needed.

If you would like to sample any one of the below topics, please contact Apryl Cordell.

Benefits of Online Training/Learning:
à Allows FACT Members to present the same training content in the same way to all employees, which helps ensure training consistency.

à Allows FACT Members to customize training to target the needs of certain departments or even individual employees. If a certain topic or operation requires a class, the FLC can create that class for an entity.

à Online Training/Learning programs are both cost effective and easy to update.

à Online Training/Learning programs make it easy to schedule training for shift workers, absent workers, telecommuters, etc.

à Any number of employees can access training materials at the same time or at different times, without having to leave his or her workstation to train.
à Training is available to employees anywhere with computer/web access, and at any time that is most convenient.

à Online Training/Learning offers just-in-time training capability. For example:

o   Employees tackling new tasks can review training materials just before beginning the task.

o   Employees experiencing job problems can access online training materials to find solutions.

Online Training/Learning classes include practice exercises and test comprehension through quizzes, case studies and other assessments. These classes are relatively short, half an hour for most, and no more than 60 minutes for complicated topics.

The system monitors and evaluates employees.   It tracks important data, such as how much time trainees spend training, progress through modules, test scores, and problems that prevent trainees from completing the program.

Online Training/Learning classes are created specifically for public entities of Florida, not generically created for a national audience by a national vendor.