Accident Investigation for Supervisors
Duration: 90 Minutes
Presentation to supervisory personnel on how to properly investigate an accident within their organization.  Information to be presented includes:   

• What happened?
• Why did it happen?
• What can be done to help prevent a similar type claim from occurring again?
Learning Objectives: 
After completion of this presentation, the supervisor should be able to look at a loss whether WC, GL, Auto, or property and review the facts by asking the following questions:   
• What happened? 
• Why did it happen? 
• What can be done in the future to help prevent a similar type of loss from occurring again?

Participant Profile: 
Those attending this class should be supervisory personnel only:
• Who are aware of the loss;
• Who are able to determine what happened; and,
• Whether the loss was due to an unsafe act or an unsafe condition -- or a combination of the two.
Most importantly, the supervisor should be able to come up with corrective action so this type of loss does not occur again.