Assessing the Work Site
Duration: 1 hour
 Public entity/employee commitment to safety 
 Employee Safety Training and Safety Committee Meetings
 Employee involvement and commitment to safety process
 Employee adherence to safety program rules and regulations -- 25% workers’ compensation claims reduction
 Reporting city-wide hazards and unsafe conditions/inspection process
 Assessing job-site prior to work to ensure that all related safety protocol is in place, etc.
 Proper types of PPE, chaps, eye wear, equipment, parameter of job site, traffic controls, etc.
 Financial impact of claims to insurance premiums
 City-wide liability concerns and responsibility to take due care
 Employee training regarding MSDS Learning

•  To ensure management and employees move forward in a proactive manner to implement and enact a successful safety program
•  Encourage ongoing employee safety training 
•  Implement a proactive safety culture through employee safety training  

Participant Profile: 
All public entity employees.